Key Components

  • Electricity generating plant, comprising multiple Open Cycle Gas Turbine (OCGT) units with a total generating capacity of up to 300MW.
  • Modifications to gas production facilities to accommodate the OCGT plant, to condition and supply gas to the OCGTs and to provide control of the system.
  • An electrical system and a subsea electricity export cable (or cables) connecting the generator to a grid connection point at an existing or planned offshore wind farm offshore substation.
  • Equipment will be located on an existing platform. The existing topside(s) will either be removed and replaced with new topsides or modules or the existing topside will be modified to accommodate the proposed plant.
  • The Project is based entirely offshore and beyond the 12 nm territorial waters. The OCGTs will be located no closer than 40 km from shore and the export cables to the offshore OFTO substation no closer than 30 km from shore.


Image supplied by Baker Hughes, a GE company.

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