The Project

The Project will be located entirely offshore (beyond 12 nm) and there will be minimal interaction with the onshore environment.

Tigre Project 1 is considering a range of potential project locations within an area of existing gas production approx 45-60km NE of Great Yarmouth.

The Southern North Sea gas field is a late-life gas producing area and is forecasted to have a declining production profile such that it is becoming progressively more challenging to continue economic production. TP1 will take gas directly from the gas field to supply an offshore power station with an initial generating capacity of up to 300MW.

This evaluation focuses on the potential for the installation of gas turbine generating equipment and associated infrastructure located on existing offshore facilities currently used for gas production purposes. The evaluation will also consider the potential to install an export cable connecting to an offshore substation (either existing or planned) for the purpose of transmitting electricity from offshore wind farm(s).

The Project will involve the deployment of highly efficient and reliable aeroderivative Open Cycle Gas Turbine (OCGT) generators.

BHGE will provide its LM9000 gas turbines for power generation. Reliable, fast, energy-efficient and with best-in-class total cost of ownership, its dry low emission (DLE) technology enables dual fuel capability and reduces emissions while eliminating water usage in emissions abatement. With longer maintenance intervals and 24-hour engine swap capability, the LM9000 can reach over 99% availability.

This proven technology will be located offshore either on or adjacent to gas production facilities and close to an existing offshore windfarm substation. Gas turbines as well as switchgear and transformers will be installed to produce electrical power on the platform ready for onward transmission.

The existing gas platform and export cable connection point project locations will be fixed, once the technical, commercial and environmental evaluations are completed.

Image supplied by Baker Hughes, a GE company.

Key Components

  • Mid to late-life gas production assets seeking production cost reduction opportunities to extend production life.
  • Construction of proven technology of Open Cycle Gas Turbine (OCGT) generators located offshore either on or adjacent to gas production near to an offshore windfarm substation.
  • Exported through existing offshore wind farm transmission infrastructure (OFTO) utilising up to 50% spare capacity available from intermittency of wind generation. The exported electricity entering the national grid would come from a combined mix of gas and offshore wind: secure, greener, reliable power.

Construction & Operation

Project Team

The TP1 project team and equipment/service providers tasked with its delivery combine a wealth of experience of front end engineering, consenting, planning and grid connection, and includes the following parties: