Construction & Operation

Platform Modification

The construction philosophy for TP1 is to minimise offshore working wherever and whenever possible. The Project plans to utilise any existing facilities for logistics support and accommodation where possible.

It is expected that the gas turbine generators will be available as Pre-Assembled Units (PAUs). The PAUs will either be installed on refurbished existing platforms, or incorporated into a new topside module, built onshore and transported by vessel to site where it will be lifted into place.

There will be an element of offshore construction to: prepare modules for removal; prepare structures for receiving new TP1 topside modules; to undertake hook up of the new topside modules to the fuel gas supply & electrical transmission.

Cable Installation

The installation and burial of offshore cables may be accomplished through one of three methods: Ploughing, trenching or jetting. Each of these methods will be assessed for its suitability and applicability for the cable route in question.

Operation & Maintenance

The OCGT generator is expected to be operated as a Peaking Plant. It is assumed that the operation of the plant will be unmanned and controlled through SCADA. Once buried offshore, cables do not require routine maintenance. The offshore cables, transformer and switchgear will be adopted by an OFTO (Offshore Transmission Operator) in accordance with the European unbundling legislation.

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