The Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) has been working on a study of the gas to wires concept

The Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) has been working on a study of the gas to wires concept, in consultation with a number of companies, including the TiGRE Group. The report, Gas-to-Wire: UK SNS and EIS was published on 19th September 2018 and can be found at:

BEIS launched a call for CCUS Innovation in July 2018 to offer grant funding for world-leading research and innovation projects that offer a significant reduction in the cost of capturing and sequestering carbon dioxide; and / or a quicker, more widespread deployment of CCUS in the UK and internationally. Up to £24 million of grant funding was made available under this programme to support feasibility studies, industrial research, experimental development projects and infrastructure projects. The list of successful projects awarded grant funding includesthe feasibility study entitled: Integration of CCUS technology to a 200MW OCGT TiGRE Project located in the UK Southern North Sea and led by TiGRE Technologies, CCUS Innovation Programme: selected projects – GOV.UK (

BEIS, the OGA, Crown Estate and Ofgem completed the UK Continental Shelf Energy Integration Project in 2020. It recommended that the O&G industry engage and collaborate on Capex efficient opportunities such as gas to wire capacity. Notably, TiGRE SEALS was one of the four examples cited in the Integration Study final report: Oil and Gas Authority: UKCS Energy Integration – Final Report – 2020 – Publications – News & publications (

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